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  entry created: Saturday 21 August 2004, 10:41pm (NZ time)
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Location:  Märjamaa, Estonia
Local time:  Saturday, 1:40pm
Music:  Cafe Del Mar

My visa came through, I've exchanged some Estonian Krones for Russian Rubles, I've taken notes from the Lonely Planet, I've purchased train tickets and booked hostels. So tomorrow I leave for Russia - two days in St. Petersburg and two days in Moscow. It's taken a truckload of planning (they sure as hell don't make it easy to visit), but I'm finally able to just relax and look forward to it.

After Russia I plan on briefly visiting Stockholm, Sweden (there's a cheap overnight ferry leaving here from Tallinn), and then on the 9th of September we're flying to Berlin for a couple days sightseeing before heading to Barcelona to stay for a while, where hopefully there's some boat work already lined up - a Canadian friend from the Caribbean who's there now is trying to sort something out. There's also an empty flat in Barcelona that's available to us for several weeks, so that's a real bonus.

Berlin I'm kind of indifferent to, having already visited Germany (albiet briefly), but I'm pretty thrilled about finally seeing Spain, where I was supposed to end up over a year ago now, after my Atlantic crossing on a megayacht was unexpectedly cancelled. Now already we've been researching tickets from Barcelona to Madrid and Seville, and I'd just LOVE to do a weekend trip to Rome! Barcelona's biggest festival (Festes de la Merce) takes place around the 24th of September, so I can't wait to get some great shots of human castle-building etc.

Not much else to add really. I've been running every day and am starting to feel fit again. I've purchased a 1.5x teleconverter zoom lens for my camera, so I can get that little bit closer to the action, but I still long for a new 8 megapixel beast. I guess I'll wait until I'm back in the Caribbean however, to get the best price. In the meantime I'm reading a lot of web and magazine articles on photography, as well as photoshop tutorials.

My next update will be post-Soviet Experience. So until then, Da svidaniya.

I just had US$2,500 sent to me from a Caribbean account, via Western Union. Looks much better in Estonian Kroons (about 31,000) I reckon. (At the top right are 4000 Russian Rubles)

Waiting for lunch in 'Route 66' pub. *Yawn* Good food, cheap.

So, after almost three years and 14 countries, my faithful sneakers have
decided to die, a day before I leave for Russia. I'm gonna try and see
if they hold out on me, but I may end up having to buy more in Moscow!
Goodbye, my friends. ("I'll never let go Jack, I'll never let go")

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