thoughts of a deviant
  11:06am  Sunday 21 July 2024
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well, if you must know...


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I've been travelling for four years now. In my old life I was an IT Consultant. More recently, I was a professional diver, and then a professional musician on a small but crazy Caribbean island. I've recently been living in Europe, travelling throughout the continent. But now I work on a megayacht in the Med and the Caribbean.

I surround myself in music - house, jazz, trance, trip-hop, drum n' bass, etc. And I make my own music - be it singing alone in the kitchen or with my guitar, or slipping into a groove on my shiny red drumkit, or African Djembe drum. I love the frenetic pace of a game of squash with a worthy opponent. My new love is photography.

I used to wear a suit to work, and I own a grease-stained pair of overalls for the garage. I have a political viewpoint. I recycle.

I take pride in my appearance, but vanity you won't find here. I work out, and I'll never pass up the opportunity for a wakeboard. I have been Dux (Magna Cum Laude) and runner-up Dux. I studied medicine for a year, then got an honours degree in computer science. I am confident, energetic, expressive, motivated, artistic. Oh and let's not forget humble.

I love the Simpsons, and that special first mouthful of a freshly-opened coke. I've spent time learning Estonian, and am now comfortable with French. Maybe Maori one day (NZ's other official language). I want to play the piano.

I can change your sparkplugs, reinstall your Mum's computer, cook a mean curry, and deep-tissue massage your back into dreamy bliss, whilst regaling you with witty tales of my adventures abroad.

I enjoy fast cars and sports bikes, hi-fi, rock melon (cantaloupe), and that beautiful curve at the top of the female buttocks.

And there's nothing like a good back-scratch.