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  entry created: Wednesday 25 August 2004, 4:46am (NZ time)
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Location:  Hostel, St. Petersburg, Russia
Local time:  Tuesday, 8:20pm

Well, my walking tour of St. Petersburg has been mind-blowing. This place is really incredible... kind of like Vilnius in Lithuania, but on a larger scale. So many grandious palaces, and even the department stores seem palacial. I've probably walked 20km a day, so I've covered the city quite well.

Having a helluva time trying to buy food in the cafes though... this cyrillic text is bloody hard to decipher!!

Other than a very heavy downpour each day (lasting maybe 30 mins), the weather has been fantastic... clear blue skies and maybe 20 degrees. My face is sunburnt. Thank God it's not the stereo-typical Russian weather I was expecting.

I'm leaving at 10:30pm tonight on the train for Moscow... cost me 1400 rubles (about US$46) - so that's better than what I was trying to get, pre-booking over the net.

Okay, I'm paying on a per-minute basis, so it's time to go. Will put the full details up over the weekend.

Kremlin, here I come!...

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