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  entry created: Tuesday 25 May 2004, 7:33am (NZ time)
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Location:  Cyberlink, Philipsburg
Local time:  Monday, 3:30pm
Music:  Black Eyed Peas

So, my last update from the Caribbean. Paris is now two days away. And the next time I get onto a computer I'll be in Holland.

I just got back from Orient beach, and my left arm is burnt from hanging it out the car window while driving. (I used to get that a lot in summer in NZ, 'cept for it was the other arm). And I just spent US$120 shipping a small box (8kg) of my stuff home to NZ. God, I can't believe it cost that much! Still, it was the cheapest way I could find to get it there.

Tonight I'll recoup that financial loss at our final gig for the season, at Sopranos Piano Bar. But then, I have to again spend another US$100 getting my amp and drum shipped to Amsterdam, and another $100 on new equipment cases that I've had custom made for them, to be picked up this afternoon. Oh well, 'tis only money.

We're being picked up at 6:30 tonight by our bank-rolling friends (who bought us the new equipment) to be whisked away to a fancy restaurant for dinner etc before the gig. Should be a good time, and there's gonna be heaps of people at this show tonight.

I'm still slowly getting through my list of stuff to do, and tomorrow, the last full day here, will be spent cleaning the apartment, packing my bags, and maybe taking a final swim at Mullet Bay. Then I'm off to the Pizza Galley to see JP & Lorna for my last dinner. I was over at their house on Saturday for a special breakfast (french toast creme brulee) which was great, and then that afternoon had a going-away get-together at a friend's place.

I just read that 5 people have been killed at the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris after the roof collapsed. Jeez, I'm gonna be there on Thursday.

Aarggh, my stoopid email doesn't work today...

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