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  entry created: Friday 14 May 2004, 10:01am (NZ time)
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Location:  Ink n Art
Local time:  Thursday, 6pm

Two gigs have since cancelled on us. No longer do we play at the Peg Leg Pub on Saturday nights, nor at Taloula Mangos in Philipsburg on Thursdays. Both for the same reason, which is that since it's now low season, they simply can't afford us. Sucks really, coz that leaves us with only 3 gigs a week, which means a big pay cut. Still, it's all just adding to my savings now. My rent is paid up though, plus I get $500 back from the security deposit to my landlord when I leave, so financially I'm sorted at the moment.

My leaving date is rapidly approaching, and I'm trying to work through everything I need to leave here, crossing out items each day on a list that still seems to be growing! (yes, I'm a list man)

So I was just watching a show on the Discovery Channel which had a lot about Paris. I've so far really only been considering the romantic, historical, architectural aspects of my upcoming trip to Paris, rather than the fact that I'm about to enter a huge bustling city - other than LA briefly, it'll be the largest city I've ever visited. It's crazy to imagine just how many people I'm about to drop into. 2 million in Paris city central, and another 7 million in the surrounding suburbs. For the last 14 months I've lived on a backwards little insignificant tropical island with 80,000 people. It's gonna be a helluva thing, adjusting to the seething masses.

Sadly however, the traffic will be largely the same.

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