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  entry created: Wednesday 5 May 2004, 11:58am (NZ time)
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Location:  Ink n Art, Simpson Bay
Local time:  Tuesday, 8pm

Well, some news... because of finances etc, Les ain't coming to Europe with me. Just yet anyway. He's gonna hang around here a little longer, and then go to the States in July to a friend's wedding and to get the rest of his stuff (bad-ass keyboard and electric guitar and amp), coz he wants to make Sint Maarten his home base. He'll bring it back here, then maybe come over to Europe. Hopefully I can manage to set up some gigs in Europe somewhere. Who knows. We'd still love to check out Prague, but that may happen just a little later now. We were out looking at digital video cameras today coz he wants to buy one so we can make a demo/portfolio DVD type thing of us playing, to take around with me over there. Then he's gonna end up back here on the island and try and hold down a few gigs on his own, working through the low season. Maybe I end up back here next high season and we see what we can really do that time around. Hit the ground running. Not sure yet. Would like to end up crossing from Europe back to Sint Maarten on a megayacht though, that'd be great.

And more news. Today I bought a ticket. Air France. A return ticket to Paris. I'm gonna spend a few days there checking it out before I either take the EZ-Jet or a train to Holland. Yay, Paris in Spring! I can't believe it. I'm finally leaving this place, and in only 3 weeks (the 26th).

Oh, the Lady C Floating Bar (which stands beside the Pizza Galley) is gone now, for a month, while they re-do the hull bottom in Philipsburg. In its place now stands a shitty old barge. They're temporarily gonna have a "beach barge", and are covering the deck with sand. Lame.

Okay, I'm gonna go for some Indian at Lal's.

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