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  entry created: Friday 19 March 2004, 7:52am (NZ time)
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Location:  JP & Lorna's
Local time:  Thursday, 2:52pm

Last night we played a St Patrick's Day gig at the new bar/restaurant on the Boardwalk in Philipsburg, called Taloula Mangoes (who put a half-page ad in the paper yesterday and Tuesday, advertising us, including a photo off my web site, playing at the Heineken Regatta) (really surprised at just how many people noticed this ad and are mentioning it to me). Nice place, and they seemed to like us and want us back next week, so now it's 7 gigs a week. Sheesh. They're also talking about setting us up with some gigs in Curacao (large Dutch island off the coast of Venezuala) which could be really good. We're also playing at the Q-Club next Wednesday from midnight (a busy night for this place). It's one of the island's big dance clubs, and we'll be working/playing with the DJ there. Should be fun, and is a good way to break into a whole new scene. And Les is off to St. Kitts tomorrow to see some people and try and set us up some gigs over there.

I went to Anguilla on Tuesday. This is a British island about 8km from St Maarten. It was weird driving on the proper side of the road again! There were 8 of us, and we had a blast, sight-seeing at some 5-star resorts and then spending most of the day on the beach.

It seems its kind of crunch time for me now.  I really need to put my foot down as to when (or even if) I'm gonna leave this place.  The music thing keeps progressing in leaps and bounds, but I fear that there's only so far it can go on this tiny little dot in the ocean, and perhaps bigger things lie elsewhere.  It's paying well, for something I love doing, and I like my apartment by the beach and the little life that I've set up here and all my friends.  But at the same time I'm sick to death of it all and need to get out there and carry on doing what I originally set out to do a year ago in NZ.  I still really wanna do a megayacht crossing on the Atlantic to Europe - Spain, France, Italy, Palma etc - wherever they usually go.  Then make my way across Europe.  I also want to go and spend more time in Holland and chill out there coz I love the place and the people (so far).  (And the sound of a modern progressive city sounds like an enticing and dramatic change from Philipsburg, Sint Maarten).  But what can happen there with the music?  There's so much more competition, and a lot of the Dutch bars don't pay bands, just give free beers (damn tight Dutch!).

So what to do.  Leave for good?  Try our luck in Europe?  Maybe go check out the LA music scene?  Come back and play here next high season?  Carry on here until the work runs out (what will low season bring?) or we're just plain old sick of it?  Do a megayacht crossing (time is running out for this, since the season is coming to an end) and keep working the boats and see coastal Europe that way and forget about the music for now? (man, once this new order of musical equipment arrives here from the States, I'm gonna have sooo much gear to lug around that a yacht crossing sounds like the best way of transporting myself!). These are the questions bouncing around in my head right now.  Regardless of what happens, it's still a pretty exciting time in my life I have to say.

A spontaneous shot on the beach in Anguilla. I just decided to
flick off my sandals and photograph them. I really like this shot!

Some of the friends whom I went to Anguilla with.

Just after we finished a song, I took this photo looking out at
the people, during one of our Sunday night gigs at Warung Bali.
This is actually a relatively small crowd.

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