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  entry created: Saturday 3 April 2004, 7:58am (NZ time)
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Location:  JP's
Local time:  Friday, 4pm
Music:  Island 92FM

Well, our new equipment finally arrived on the island last week, and oh my God it's great to have a nice guitar all to myself again. It's a great instrument, really good quality, plays and sounds well and has top-of-the-line pickups etc and looks purdy, but, well, it's still not my old guitar is it? But I'm happy with it. I also got a drum machine (looks kinda like a small laptop, with buttons/pads that represent various drum pieces, 99 built-in grooves, infinite drum kits etc). It sounds wicked connected through our new PA system that we purchased the other week. Huge new 900 watt speaker set up and 1800 watt poweramp. I also have a new C and a G harmonica which I've been practicing on, a beautiful new 50s-looking retro Shure microphone... y'know those stylie old ones that Elvis etc used to use? Silver with little slots in em? Oh man I dig these mics, and they have brand new electronics in em though so they sound great. I also have two other mics to amplify my Djembe drum, top and bottom, so I don't damage my hands so much and we can control the sound mix through the PA. Les got a new guitar too, similar to mine, a couple of effects pedals, the mic etc. We both each also got a battery/mains powered portable 50 watt Crate amp with 8 effects and both instrument and mic inputs. So we don't even need to use the PA system if we don't want to. These are great for using at the smaller venues/gigs we play. Oh, and two wireless instrument transceivers, so we don't have physical leads connected to our guitars any more when we play, allowing us to roam if we want. It's so great using all new equipment. And all of it ours. Everything snaps in together well, we can rely on the quality and it's all just aaaahhhh....

Well anyway, enough ranting about that. I'm just so happy to have all this gear, after our stuff was stolen and all hope seemed lost!

Oh, and we bought a new car two days ago, to transport all our shite! It's a great little 94 Nissan Sentra, and came with a CD player (with remote, no less!) and sporty seats! Heh. Nice having wheels... (the new big speaker barely fits across the back seat, and we have to lever it into the car each time, but it's manageable)

I have stuff to do. Man, I never seem to be able to get long enough in front of a computer with Internet access....

Oh, and I've been here in Sint Maarten for one year, today.

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