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  entry created: Friday 5 March 2004, 10:29am (NZ time)
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Location:  Ink n Art, Simpson Bay
Local time:  Thursday, 5:30pm

The new JukeBox Heroes banner looks good, and we hang it behind us at gigs. We just picked up another gig at a very fancy schmancy Japanese sushi joint called Hanabi, in Maho (resort area). They wanna do a late night thing on the balcony, which should attract a lot of outside attention - I think it has potential. Plus they paying very well and we get free food and drinks of course. ;o)

Still no sign of my priceless guitar. *sniff* I miss it bad, but have accepted the loss. Some AMAZING news though... we have found a backer who is super mega rich and is going to buy us all new equipment! I mean *everything*. We performed a private Christmas gig for this guy and his wife last year, and gave him a call the other day and I guess he took pity on us and has no problems writing us out a cheque. I reckon we'll do a few free gigs for them to say thanks.

So we've orderd a bunch of stuff of the web today and have arranged for it all to be shipped here immediately. New guitars, cases, tuners, strings, picks, styling 50s retro mics, stands and cables, harmonica, tambourine, shakers, effects pedals, the works baby! There's a whole bunch of stuff that I can't remember right now too. So that was a not-so-small miracle for the week that pulled us out of the doldrums.

We have the big Heineken Regatta gig coming up on Sunday (man, this place is going crazy and it hasn't even started yet) which we'll borrow equipment for, but it shouldn't be too long for the stuff to arrive. It's gonna be like Christmas!!

Gotta go. Home to sleep for a bit, then off to the first of the big Regatta parties.

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