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  entry created: Friday 27 February 2004, 5:22am (NZ time)
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Location:  JP & Lorna's
Local time:  Thursday, 12:21pm
Music:  Island 92FM

So we're still managing to soldier on and perform our gigs, minus the two guitars, my percussion equipment, and a microphone. People have come forward to help us out with borrowed guitars which is good, meaning we can still get paid to play, and keep trying to save for new stuff. There's still no word on our gear, and I'm still feeling pretty down about the whole situation, but time heals all wounds as they say. I sure miss my very unique guitar.

Another piece of bad news was that Reggae Cafe nicely decided to cancel our Tuesday night gigs there - perfect timing since we now need the money more than ever. So we're back to 5 regular gigs a week (for the time-being, anyway).

My fingers/hands are getting pretty sore from not being able to mic up the Djembe drum, so consequently I have to try and play louder.

On Tuesday I quit my diving job. I was getting pretty sick of it to be honest, because it really is hard work and often very frustrating dealing with stupid tourists, and I can make much better money with the music. I'm still going to be working there once in a while, when there are on-board sales days, rather than the pre-sold trip days. This means that I get paid a commission per person that we take diving, and most of the time it's much better money than the pre-sold trips. So that frees up a lot of my days to work on original music and maybe join a gym (and, oh my God yay, sleep in a little bit).

On Tuesday night I was on the radio, Island 92FM, for about 2 hours, being interviewed for their local musician profiles thing. I played a lot of my CDs - stuff I personally like to listen to (they tend not to play too much acid-house/jazz music on that station, so I was happy to mix it up a little). Played some kiwi music too. We talked about where I come from, what brought me here, what our band is doing (promoted that a lot), and I offered a reward for our equipment. I played a Djembe drum solo, two songs on the guitar, and even beat-boxed and did my bird whistle. I have a copy of the whole session on minidisc, so don't worry Mum, you'll get to hear it one day. They also recorded me doing a little "Hi this is Chris from the JukeBox Heroes... Island 92 ROCKS!" snippet, using the Djembe too, just to play between ad breaks etc, which is kinda cool.

I'm currently getting a JukeBox Heroes banner professionally made, to hang behind us at gigs. So I have to go now, to email off the final version to the printers.

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