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  entry created: Wednesday 2 April 2003, 1:38pm (NZ time)
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Location:  CompUSA store, Market St, San Fran
Local time:  5:40pm

I just cut to the front of the line for the free Internet by shutting down crashed processes on a hung computer (on supposedly top-notch brand new P4 machines), hence freeing it up for my use. I guess my IT skills are coming in handy even in Frisco.

So I've had a helluva big day. I started out with buttermilk pancakes and coffee at your typical mom & pop diner, before strolling up Grant Ave through Chinatown (mainly just asian food and junk shops), then on to Fisherman's Wharf. I bought some chocolate from a Gharidelli's (big choc manufacturer) outlet, snapped some pics of alcatraz and the Golden Gate (would love to chuck some photos up on here but I can't access the USB port of this machine), watched the stinky Sea Lions in the marina (seems they've been allocated their own berth), then rented a bike for $14 and rode along the waterfront and up across the Golden Gate bridge (some great photos of the city and Alcatraz from there) then down the other side to Sausalito for a can of coke (anything else is way overpriced), turned around and rode back. Damn it gets windy and hilly around there. Also noticed that there's a high concentration of asians living here.

So the first time back on a mountain bike since breaking my foot, and all went smoothly. I also noticed today that even though the foot still aches from walking, I no longer have a limp at all, which I did when I left NZ. So yay.

Afterwards I had Western Chilli Beef soup in a sourdough bread bowl (new to me, but must be standard fare around here), then strolled back down Columbus and into the Financial District. Got some shots of the impressive TransAmerica tower (shaped like a tall skinny pyramid) and other amazing buildings. And now here I am back at the CompUSA store. I see an ad on the wall here for a Corporate Sales rep, for US$50K+ a year (is that good in America?). Curiousity has the better of me, so I'm gonna go inquire.

Then I have to grab some dinner, and leg it back to the backpackers to organise an airport shuttle, then on to Sint Maarten at 10:30pm. Tomorrow afternoon I'm gonna try and catch up with Bill & Ruby, whom I worked for last time I was in the Caribbean. Maybe they can hook me up with more daywork.

Wondering if my digital camera may be on the blink. I have to try several times when I turn it on before I don't get an "Err" message. Dammit I don't need this. Nonetheless I've very snap-happy today.

So, I've decided I really like San Francisco, but I don't, however, like the Union Square Backpackers (no goddamn hot water this morning). This city actually reminds me a lot of Wellington with the cute-but-expensive villas squashed into any available space, the steep streets, and the electric buses and trams. And if San Fran was Wellington, then Sausalito looks like the not-so-flashy part (if that's possible) of Oriental Parade.

Okay, needing to either sit down or carry on walking. No doubt I'll pass out on the flight to New York tonight. Not sure when I'll next have Internet access, but keep writing to me. Peace and love to y'all.

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