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  entry created: Friday 4 April 2003, 9:09am (NZ time)
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Location:  Lagoonies, Cole Bay, St Maarten
Local time:  5:10pm
Music:  random bar stuff

Maybe it's a time-zone thing
Maybe it's this mood lighting
Maybe it's how much I think
Maybe it's the coke I drink

Maybe it's a cursed affliction
Maybe it's just caffiene addiction
Maybe it's old Uncle Sam
It's probably just the way I am.

Maybe it's a mental block
Maybe it's an itchy spot
Maybe it's the turbulence
Maybe it's other commitments

Maybe it's a need to rhyme
Maybe it's just an exciting time
Maybe it's the movie playing
No, it's crap, what am I saying.

Maybe it's this upright seat
Maybe it's was that turkey meat
Maybe it's my jiggly legs
Maybe it's these coffee dregs

Maybe it's my gritty eyes
Maybe these aren't friendly skies
Maybe it's the engine whoosh
Please give me a break - just shoosh!

Maybe it's coz there's no legroom
Maybe it's fear of a metal tomb
Maybe it's anticipation
Maybe it's no radio stations

Maybe it's that crying baby
Maybe it's all these bloody maybes
Maybe I'm just going insane
But God why can't I sleep on planes?

- Flight AA18, San Francisco to NY, 02-04-03, 1:40am

Well I managed to find some reasonable-priced Internet access where I'm staying, so I thought I'd use it while I can. In fact, the owners know Brett really well and I knew their daughter, and they told me to just jump on, so maybe I don't have to pay...

Flying in from San Fran and leaving New York city again, I was able to see a few NY skycrapers in the distance, poking out of the early morning fog. And ouch, NY was cold. And not a wink of sleep on both flights here...

I had prepared myself for the Caribbean weather, but still the air was surprisingly thick and oppressive when stepping off the air-conditioned plane. I changed into a t-shirt in the bus on the way to the terminal ("here's something I prepared earlier"). Today we have a high of 30-degrees C (about 90-degrees F?), and a low of 28. Tomorrow's forecast?... the same.

Other than a few changes to the local marinas, the island really doesn't seem to have changed that much. Philipsburg is still all about duty free jewellery and liquor and 8 t-shirts for $10, and the $1 van/bus system is still active. Still lots of fat American tourists fresh off the cruise ships, and Heineken and Carib and Red Stripe is everywhere. My first Carib (can't go wrong with beers costing between $1 and $2.50 huh) at the Soggy Dollar Bar (changed since last time) went down very well, after removing the obligatory stupid slice of lime from the top.

I found Bill & Ruby (worked for them last time on Wild Thing) at the new marina in Port de Plaisance. Was warmly welcomed, and my second beer of the day started going to my head. They should have some daywork for me tomorrow which is good, but they leave for Granada on Saturday, so poo.

I met their crew (including a kiwi girl, and Irish and S. African guys), borrowed one of the Ghost Dancer crew shirts, and went to a dock party at the marina - Caribbean band (steel drums n everything) and free food/alcohol ain't bad for my first night here.

I'm staying in a small (run-down but comfortable) apartment at Lagoonies in Cole Bay. There's a stereo (glad I bought some CDs) and a fridge and a kitchen and bed and bathroom (so it's complete 5-star luxury compared to my last stay in St Maarten) but no hot water - meaning I haven't had a hot shower since Sacramento last Monday. Lucky the weather's so hot here.

Today I bussed into Philipsburg and had lunch (chicken roti) while staring out at the heavy tropical rain and thought about my future. I'm unexpectedly lonely right now for some reason. It's so different not knowing a soul within 5000 miles.

I'm wondering if I really wanna do this Caribbean boating thing again, or maybe I had my fill last time but just didn't know it then. I started toying with the idea of pursuing a career in property development (bank loan up to my eyeballs) or trying to get somewhere with my music.

Early days yet, but who knows. Maybe I will end up using the rest of my air tickets and go from here to Spain and Europe then Asia before coming back home again. Maybe I try making a name for myself and making my millions (gotta have dreams right?) then travel again later.

Argh, I dunno. Maybe I should just harden up.

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