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  entry created: Tuesday 1 April 2003, 4:05pm (NZ time)
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Location:  Financial District, San Francisco city
Local time:  8pm, and I'm bloody hungry
Music:  cheesy elevator stuff

So I'm currently in a CompUSA megastore in central San Francisco (Market St) using free internet (as you do) on an iPod.

This place is mad. Lots of well-to-do people, but also lots of crazies. I'm in a good part of town, but still heaps of beggars and homeless etc. Not used to that.

Said goodbye to Diosa in Sacramento today. We had a great time together and I'll miss her. Getting to bed at 3:30am last night means I'm feeling a wee bit jaded right now, but I shall soldier on.

The backpackers I checked into here isn't exactly the Hilton (to put it mildly) but what doesn't kill us only makes us stronger right?    ;o)

Gonna check out the city properly tomorrow (only got here about 5pm this evening) before heading to the Caribbean late tomorrow night... woo woo.

The foot's bothering me, from all the walking (I'm standing here at the computer with one leg up in the air behind me, like a stalk), so I've gotta rest up tonight if I want to check out everything tomorrow.

Alright, the store's closing, and I'm starving...

Email meee.

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