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  entry created: Friday 28 March 2003, 3:33pm (NZ time)
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Location:  Sacramento, US (California State Capital)
Local time:  7:19pm
Music:  Judge Judy on TV

Well, so far so good. Really enjoying the US - the people the food the weather. The war doesn't seem to affect everyday life here at all. In fact, you only hear about it when you pick up a newspaper. Maybe it'll be different in San Fransisco (tomorrow). That should be fun.

I've been spending all my time with Diosa. We get along like a house on fire, and it's gonna be a real bummer having to say goodbye.

In Sydney the whole 747-400 load of 350-odd people were made to wait for one person who was running late. We ended up taking off over an hour late. Consequently those of us wanting to get to San Fran from LAX missed our connecting flight, thus having to take one a couple hours later. Stoopid late person. But I got here ok. In the LAX departure lounge I pulled out my hacky sack and kicked that around with an Aussie dude (from Kakadu National Park) (I love saying that... "up the Kakadu") - we had a lot of onlookers but nobody else joined in. We were just more crazies from Downunder I guess.

The strangest thing was that airport security was actually the most anal before the domestic flight - the security for the international flights was minimal. But in LAX they searched my pack and my guitar case, and I had to assume the position and everything. But surprisingly the stainless steel screw in my foot didn't set off any metal detectors, so that's good.

The NZ dollar doesn't go far here.

I just had a big ol' yankee pizza. Mmm, pepperoni. I also had my first Taco Bell experience (actually quite good) and we've done Dennys twice. Coca-cola is everywhere I go.

Okay so I'm gonna go re-string my guitar.

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