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  entry created: Sunday 22 February 2004, 8:39am (NZ time)
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Location:  JP's
Local time:  Saturday 3:40pm

So everything's cruising along at the moment. I don't really have that much to add, other than we quit the Mezzanotte (Italian restaurant) gig coz, well, we just didn't need it no more! It was the least paying gig, and required the most work (ie. walking around the tables). So now we're down to 5 gigs a week, Saturday through Wednesday, having Thursday and Friday nights off which is great - almost like my musical weekend.

We're playing at a special Heineken Regatta pre-party this Friday night at Reggae Cafe which will be interesting. Apparently there'll be some reps from Holland there, so who knows what that might bring. We're pretty sure we're leaving the island at the end of April or so, taking the music to Europe (Holland/London at this stage). I'm excited about that, as it's almost been 11 months that I've been here now, and I'm getting a little tired of this small tropical paradise. ;o)

Okay, time to go. Email me!

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