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  entry created: Saturday 7 February 2004, 5:17am (NZ time)
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Location:  Cyberzone, Philipsburg
Local time:  Friday, 12:17pm

So the other day we played at Reggae Cafe, just Les and I, the JukeBox Heroes, acoustically, no mics, nothing. Just sitting there on a BBQ table. This was for about 30 mins, after the main act (a group of guys with sound equipment for Africa) had finished their set. They didn't really get the crowd that excited, but we got the first real applause of the evening after playing our first song, singing our heads off. The great thing was that a Heineken representative was there that night, kind of auditioning the other band for an upcoming event. However, we overshadowed them and everybody knew it, so now (drum roll please), we're playing on the main stage on the main (last) day at the Heineken Regatta, before the Black Eyed Peas (Mum: a famous band). For those of you unfamiliar with it, the Heineken Regatta (beginning of March) is an internationally recognised yacht race, with people attending from all over the world. This is definitely a feather in our cap. Bloody stoked.

They also want us to play at Reggae Cafe at the end of this month for a Regatta pre-party even thingee. Should be interesting.

We're about to give up the Mezzanotte Restaurant gig (twice a week) coz we're getting really worn out, and well, we just don't need this gig any more. So that will leave my Thursday nights open (yay!) and give me more of a Sunday evening (power nap after work!) before one of our biggest gigs late on Sunday night at Warung Bali.

Other than that, it's all just ticking along as normal here. Apparently my parents have gone to Sydney or something. I never can tell what they're up to from one minute to the next!

Right, I've taken the afternoon off (small numbers on the boat, no Snuba booked) so am off to get a baguette and some turkey for lunch then home for food and sleep. Am going to a restaurant opening tonight with some friends, to schmooze with a lot of powers-that-be. Jolly good old chap.


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