thoughts of a deviant
  entry created: Sunday 1 February 2004, 6:08am (NZ time)
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Location:  JP & Lorna's
Local time:  Saturday, 1:10pm


It's been 60 years since you joined hands
Devoted for all that time
So today I propose a toast to you
Everybody, please raise your glass of wine.

Loving, doting grandparents
Very special friends
Stern but wise mother, father
Two finely cut precious gems.

When in the company of special folk
It's hard to know what to say
So with these simple, humble words
Let me put it in this way...

You planted the seed to my family tree
Watered it with love
And as the flowers came to bloom
God blessed it from above.

From that tree came many seeds
Some dropped near its roots
While other were carried by the winds
To lands of exotic fruits.

Yet through your nurture and that tree's great genes
Those flowers honour you
So I present this bouquet as a gift
The very least I can do.

Each flower is a symbol
Of the seeds that you have sewn
Such splendour and variety
Without you could never be known.

And as that tree continues to grow
May the trunk stay proud and strong
For even after so many years
The honeymoon still goes on.

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