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  entry created: Friday 30 January 2004, 6:30am (NZ time)
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Location:  JP & Lorna's
Local time:  Thursday, 1:28pm
Music:  Island 92FM

La Nina, the boat I work on, as she pulls in to the cruise ship pier to drop off the guests. She used to be a
World War II beach landing boat - the whole bow section opens down to allow the soldiers onto the
beach (or in our case, the snorkelers into the water). We (Charles and I) operate Snuba diving
from the rear lower deck, sliding into the water over either side.

A view of the cruise ship pier (where we pick up the guests), taken while waiting on the boat.
One of the Golden Eagle catamarans is waiting to pick up their people.

Another view from the boat, taken looking out into Great Bay.
It's amazing to think, but I now take this sort of scenery for granted.

La Nina on her mooring in Cay Bay, where the snorkelers snorkle and we dive.

A shot I took while driving to work one morning, looking out over Great Bay at the cruise ships on the pier
(or reversing in to dock). It was kinda breathtaking.

The little one in the front of the big Royal Caribbean ship is actually the original Love Boat.
I kid you not. The TV adds a 1000 tonnes huh?! Amazing how much bigger they are today.

Another day at the office. This is taken at the little bar ('Sharkies') on the pier,
where the tourists gather at the end of the day and get real crazy,
before heading back to their ship. Hey, they wanted a photo... who am I to argue?!

Raaaahhh!! Playing at Sunset Beach Bar.

And again. That's my cool African Djembe drum, and Les playing my guitar.
(He bought himself a nice new one the other day)

Les and I with Bob Marley's Wailers band, after jamming with them in their hotel room
(we played 'I Shot the Sherriff'). This one's a keeper. I look a little odd in this shot,
but then, that whole experience was odd!

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