thoughts of a deviant
  entry created: Sunday 9 November 2003, 5:04am (NZ time)
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Location:  Cyberzone, Philipsburg
Local time:  Saturday, 12pm

So I turned 25 in a rather uneventful way on Tuesday. I'm now working 7 days a week (aaargh!), so basically it was just another day. But thanks everybody for your well-wishes.

Seems that the tan was kind've shed whilst in Europe, so I'm working on that again too.

Played at Mezzanotte Restaurant in Simpson Bay the other night after work, with Les. Made a hundred US each, so that's better than a kick in the bum huh? Then we had dinner with the Sicilian owners, which was interesting.

Jeez, gotta get to work this very minute...

It's kinda funny to say, but it almost sucks to be back in the Caribbean...

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