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  entry created: Sunday 5 October 2003, 11:03am (NZ time)
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Location:  Cyberzone Internet Cafe, Philipsburg
Local time:  Saturday, 6pm

Well I just bought another pair of 'fakelies' (fake Oakley sunglasses) for $10 coz I snapped mine yesterday. And got some nicely cut shirts. Man some stuff is just so cheap here. Who needs to WASH clothes? Just buy more!

Les and I played at Get Wet Beach Bar on Front St. (Great Bay Beach) last night, from 4pm till about 10. They called us up specifically to go there to jam, and they needed somebody to tune a brand new drumkit that had turned up. So I ended up playing the drums most of the night (it turns out that this was the new drumkit that was bought for me for this band we're starting anyway!) and I think we've found ourselves the bass player for the 4-piece Les and I are putting together to take on the other more 'established' covers bands on the island doing the high season bar/club thing.

Tonight we're playing at Lagoonies again. The Saturday night jam sessions there are really starting to make a name for themselves now, and can get super busy.

Two weeks until I hit Europe. Weee!

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