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  entry created: Wednesday 1 October 2003, 4:11am (NZ time)
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Location:  Cyberzone, Philipsburg, St Maarten
Local time:  Tuesday, 12:10pm

So, I'm off to Holland for two weeks on the 16th of October. Stoked. Managed to get a super cheap flight (390 Euros) from here to Curacao then Amsterdam and back. I hope to check out Utrecht, The Hague (I've promised to toast a friend while having a beer in a bar there), Amsterdam (of course), maybe Rotterdam, and also some of Belgium, Germany, and (fingers crossed) a quick flight to Spain for the weekend or something, depending on flights and prices. Weeee!

Man, it's gonna be cold over there in Holland. But it'll be a nice change from sweating in the heat here I guess.

Things are ticking along well here. Really getting into the music thing now. I have a dude (Les) from Texas crashing on my couch at the moment, coz he has no money and no place to go (I've been there), but he's an excellent guitarist and a good singer, and we've begun a few projects together. We've already been asked to lead/host an Open Mic night at a night club here (people bring their own guitar along and sing what they want) but we don't have the time for that. Last Saturday we were filmed by a local TV crew, me on drums, him on guitar, and Daniel (dude I used to sing/play with) on rhythm guitar, rocking out Lagoonies.

Les and I have been asked by a Dutch dude (who, funnily enough, actually wrote the song 'Venus') (yeah, you know it... "I'm your venus, I'm your fire, your desire", aka Bananarama) to form a band with him, and Les will be playing a guitar once used by Eric Clapton, whilst a brand new drum kit has been purchased for me and is being flown into the island this Friday.

The two of us are also working on an acoustic set so we can do restaurants, pubs etc. I think this dude is the kick in the butt I needed to give the music thing a real go here.

In other news, I've now been out of NZ for just over 6 months. Miss me yet?

I'm a little sick right now (just a rattly cough and generally feeling run down) but nothing hard work, sweat, and sun won't fix.

Well, I should probably get to work now. Dr Doolittle Of The Seas must go feed his loyal cohorts of Parrot Fish, Yellow Fin Snapper, flounders, trumpet fish, cods, arrow crabs, urchins and turtles.

Peace and love to y'all.

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