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  entry created: Tuesday 7 October 2003, 1:58pm (NZ time)
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Location:  Carl's pad, Pelican Keys
Local time:  Monday, 8:56pm
Music:  Powderfinger

Wow, Les and I just scored a weekly acoustic gig (full band later) at Sunset Beach Bar, one of THE main places to go here. We just completed a 1 hr acoustic audition and they seemed to love us, so... nice one geezer! We've also got a weekly spot at Get Wet Beach Bar in Philipsburg, and Reggae Cafe still want us, but well, we gotta be picky huh?! We're calling ourselves 'Jukebox Heros'. Not my first choice, but it's growing on me. We're starting a full, amplified band too, with the same name, in which I'm the drummer and backing vocals.

So it's all coming together. Great.

Wellington (home town) just got slaughtered by a storm huh? Somebody email me and lemme know what's up...

And for those of you wanting to know just how damn cold it is in NZ right now, check this out.


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