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  entry created: Tuesday 29 July 2003, 5:18am (NZ time)
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Location:  Cyberzone, Philipsburg
Local time:  Monday, 1:15pm
Music:  Bob Marley in the background somewhere

Ticking along here. Not so much to tell really. Sunburnt backs-of-my-legs.

Morten leaves in two weeks. We're gonna do our last (maybe) beach party at Mullet this Saturday. A lot of other friends have left too. Mainly Dutch interns. (My Dutch is coming along little by little - I'm trying to get the basics of conversation down. And I learnt to count to 100+ yesterday. Heh). I reckon once I'm done with Sint Maarten I'll go live in France for 3 months or more to immerse myself in French until I'm fluent in that. C'est bon.

Done a fair bit of drumming lately. Fun.

Woke yesterday morning with a damn red eye again. What the hell is causing this I wonder. So the lens is out again and I'm flushing it with eye solution lots.

Saw Pirates of the Caribbean last night - filmed in St. Lucia. Not the best film of the year but worth seeing. (Terminator 3 was good though).

Okay, time's up here. Really wanting to put more photos up for you guys but the camera's still bust. Am trying to also get hold of some shots of my old place in Wellington to put online to show people over here...

Okay, doeg!

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