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  entry created: Saturday 2 August 2003, 3:50am (NZ time)
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Location:  Axum Internet Cafe, Front Street, Philipsburg
Local time:  Friday, 11:50am

I am now enjoying a brand new apartment all to myself. After house-sitting that other apartment for 3 weeks and then having to move back into the big house where I was boarding before (now with a freaky/crazy old woman roommate) it was really starting to do my head in.

But I've been looking around for the last few weeks and have found a nice one bedroom apartment just down the road, still in Simpson Bay, and still only 30sec walk from the beach. Two 21" TVs, new A/C, big bed, nice kitchen and bathroom, $500/month. Happy. And I bought a VCR yesterday too, for $25. Now I gotta get a pirated Cable TV box so I can have free cable (the local TV stations here just aren't worth bothering with).

In other news, I have finally completed my PADI Advanced certificate, and am on the way to becoming a Rescue Diver. Yesterday I dived an old Japanese fishing wreck in 110ft of water. Saw a giant crab about 3-4 feet across. Then dove an old Dutch warship afterwards, which sunk in 1801.

It's August Monday in Anguilla this Monday - a big drunken carnaval day at the beach. I'd love to go across, but not sure if I can get there yet.

I have to go to work now. *sigh* it must be about a million degrees right now...

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