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  entry created: Sunday 20 July 2003, 7:43am (NZ time)
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Location:  JP's
Local time:  Saturday, 3:45pm
Music:  good trance on Laser101

It seems I'm starting to miss little aspects of my New Zealand life now. Like, cruising through the city and getting a good coffee, or driving from Wellington to Hamilton/Auckland with the volume up and the countryside whizzing past. Or, crazy as it seems, cold mornings, rain and heaters. And good house/trance clubs. A fast motorbike. The beautiful city of Wellington, and my house on the beach. And the rest of my 400-album CD collection (the 45 I have here are now getting a little over-played). But otherwise I'm still having a good time here and life's not so bad on this hot little tropical island in the Caribbean.

Diving's coming along. Still working towards my PADI Rescue Diver certification. Hopefully doing a 130ft deep dive on Monday... and I'm trying to organise a shark dive too. That would be bloody amazing.

I'm now working on making a stencil so that I can paint the Pizza Galley web address on the building below their logo. Seems I'm their one-stop marketing guy. But it's all voluntary, coz I enjoy it. Plus they feed me.

Found out that my camera is gonna have to be sent to the nearest Minolta repair agency to be fixed. This is most likely in the States. Aarrgggh. Nobody wants to touch it here. And before that I gotta get the Warranty card sent to me from NZ, so I can include it with the camera. Nothing's easy huh.

So my car's gonna cost me more money if I wanna keep it. Turns out it needs new brakes now (the rear is making a scraping noise when I drive) - a la US$350 (on the cheap, through a private guy). Plus it's overheating going over the Philipsburg hill, meaning a new radiator, at about $150 including labour. Jeez. And then I have to get it insured (mandatory) and then new (valid) plates. Is it worth it? Well, I really do need transport - there's always a scooter, but then I don't wanna be stuck with a motorbike during the rainy/hurricane season... *sigh*

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