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  entry created: Sunday 13 July 2003, 8:38am (NZ time)
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Location:  Ink n Art, Simpson Bay
Local time:  Saturday, 4:31pm
Music:  Traffic

So last night whilst driving to the Reggae Cafe for Nick & Simone's leaving party, I was stopped (along with Morten, Casper and Louisa in the car) by the cops - I think coz either a) one of my headlights was a little dim, or b) apparently my (French) plates are invalid (woulda been bloody nice if somebody had told me this beforehand). Anyway, I ended up getting fined US$110 for not having the mandatory insurance on the car. It was looking like I was gonna be fined NAf900 (Antillean Guilders) (or US$500) for also not having my driver's licence on me (still gotta organise that from NZ) and for having expired plates, but after a bit of sweet-talking it was reduced to just the insurance issue. So, a pain in the arse, but it's over and done with, and on Monday I'm gonna suss out the insurance.

Meanwhile, in other news, I vacuumed the car today. Boy, that thing was an allergy-sufferer's worst nightmare.

Yesterday I bought a pizza from a new restaurant in Pelican Keys and took it around to JP's coz he wanted to check out the competition. It'd be the first pizza anybody's bought him in a very long time!

Last night I was out till 5am again. So tonight it's gonna be a quiet one, with a little get-together at my apartment tonight with a few friends.

Oh yeah, also, the new Pizza Galley web site is now up. Check it out... It's a pretty simple/basic one, but it does what they want. I need to get a whole lot more pics up (ie. on the menu page, and the photos page), but since my digital camera is bust right now, that's kinda hard. Anyway, lemme know what you think.

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