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  entry created: Saturday 12 July 2003, 7:39am (NZ time)
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Location:  JP and Lorna's (as usual)
Local time:  Friday, 3:40pm (no work today)
Music:  Island 92FM (as usual)

So I now have transport also. Last week I bought an '89 Isuzu Trooper 4x4. It needed some body and paint work but was in otherwise good condition. US$500 which was a pretty good score. The perfect island car really - I sit up nice 'n high and people get out of the way for me. Heh. I've named it 'Big Red' (guess the colour). So I've been madly working on cutting and polishing the paint taking out scratches and putting ArmourAll everywhere and blackening the tyres again and vacuuming etc etc. Now I just gotta fix a dented panel. I'll get some photos up when I can (and when it's finished and clean!).

Work is going well. Making some reasonable money. The hours are long (up at 6:30am, home again at about 5:30/6-ish) and lugging tanks and diving all day really takes it out of ya, but it's still a fun job all n all. Everybody loves my Rasta hat/wig.

My digital camera is still bust. I'm trying to suss that one out (getting proof of purchase etc from NZ) but there's no service agents here in the Caribbean which bites, and I don't wanna have to ship it overseas.... *sigh*, we'll see.

Jeez I've been sitting at this computer for hours now. Trying to answer the 40 new emails I had. I'd love to get a PC for home, but that's just another expense and I'd only end up sitting on the Internet like I used to do!

Playing another gig at Hot Tomatoes on Tuesday. Another US$100 between the two of us, plus dinner and drinks. Not bad for 2 hours playing really. It'd be nice to turn it into a regular spot, but we'll see.

All my Dutch intern friends (of which I have many) are leaving the island now. Had a very sad time at the airport the other day, and more are leaving next week. There'll only be American and Canadian and Danish friends left! But my Dutch vocab is now up to about 20 words... hurrah!

I was in the paper yesterday, in the 'Out n About' section (photos taken during the week at clubs, bars and parties etc). They put em up online so I'll get that one for yers next week.

Time to go. Another leaving party tonight (one last night too) and then a BBQ. All with Dutch people, funnily enough. Godverdomme!

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