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  entry created: Tuesday 24 June 2003, 6:36am (NZ time)
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Location:  JP & Lorna's
Local time:  Monday, 2:37pm
Music:  Island 92FM

So the charity gig at Hot Tomatoes went well. I estimated about 300 people when we were playing. The sound mix was pretty shite through the monitors, which is what I was hearing, but apparently it wasn't too bad out in the crowd. Had enquiries from a hotel owner wanting us to play.

I missed the appointment with the Snuba dude last week. Damn alarm clock. But I've got another one with him tomorrow morning.

I went out on the Lady C Floating Bar yesterday, on a 2-hour cruise around the lagoon to celebrate a few of the locals' birthdays.

Not much else to tell. Feeling a little off at the moment, like I'm coming down with a Caribbean cold. Uck.

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