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  entry created: Wednesday 18 June 2003, 9:08am (NZ time)
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Location:  JP & Lorna's
Local time:  Tuesday, 5:10pm
Music:  Laser 101FM

Okay so I've finally found a place to live for a bit. Kathy, a French-Canadian friend of JP & Lorna's, has a house in Simpson Bay (one house back from the beach) with a spare room which I've moved into ($350/month). It's comfortable and I have my own fridge and she's got cable TV and a nice stereo and it's all I need. Plus she's letting me pay part-months if I decide to leave before a month is up, which is cool. I'm still looking for my own apartment with Spencer or Rob or both, but this is good for now.

Oh and life is sooo much easier with a cellphone here. Seriously. Now I have to work on transport. I can get a brand new 100cc scooter (85kph+) for really cheap, but I think a car's gonna be much more practical (and dry - definitely important with the upcoming hurricane season). So I'm trying to see if JP & Lorna will lease me their 4x4 Daihatsu Feroza jeep thingee, coz Lorna goes away to Canada soon so JP will only need the one car. (Brett & Leigh, put in a good word for me!) ;o)

Daniel and I played at Hot Tomatoes last Friday night. There was a reasonably good-sized crowd there, and we were well-received and several comments were made that nobody had ever got the PA system to sound so good/well-mixed before. Nice one. US$50 each plus a great dinner and loads of drinks, so it's not bad for 2 hours playing really. We're playing this Saturday again between 7 and 8:30 at a big charity fundraiser (Oasis of Love, children's orphanage). We're donating our time this time, but it's gonna be good publicity as there'll be about a thousand people or more, plus Laser 101 radio station.

I have a meeting tomorrow morning at the Greenhouse with Charles (an Aruban guy I think - Brett, he knows you) for a job. He runs a boat ('La Nina') that takes punters out for 'Snuba' - a cross between snorkelling and scuba. ie. you have an air tank that floats on the water surface and you breathe through a 20ft tube and don't have to wear any gear, so you're free to swim/dive etc. I reckon it's a bloody great concept. Anyway, he'll pay for me to get my PADI dive certificate which is also a plus. So fingers crossed it goes well tomorrow.

My Visa card arrived today. Big yay to that. No more money stress. I've been good though and still have US$120 in cash left.

Well, time to go - Lorna's leaving for the Pizza Galley soon. Hope you're all enjoying another lovely New Zealand winter. *points and laughs* (except for you, Mum & Dad, currently lapping up the Fijian sun).


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