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  entry created: Friday 13 June 2003, 4:01am (NZ time)
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Location:  JP & Lorna's
Local time:  Thursday, 12pm
Music:  Laser 101FM

Now I'm working on the new Pizza Galley web site. Heh, I've become their marketing man.

I finally got my cellphone connected - everything runs on island time here, so I had to wait ages for more GSM chips to arrive in the country. Now I can call people about jobs and apartments - I tell you, it makes things so much easier, especially on an island that has no public phone system.

Currently waiting to hear back from 12 Meters (the Cup boats) regarding a job, but I'm chasing up another in the meantime. Getting a job most likely means I can't go on this Suriname voyage at the end of the month, which sucks, but I guess there's not much I can do about that.

So I went through a few photos on my camera, and here's a few selected ones...

Okay Mum, here's one for you

Umm, yeah.

My bed on Morten's floor a few weeks ago

One of the witty and poignant political marketing slogans adopted
by a local candidate for the elections. "Ya done know!"

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