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  entry created: Thursday 29 May 2003, 6:21am (NZ time)
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Location:  JP & Lorna's
Local time:  Wednesday, 2:15pm
Music:  Island 92FM

Last night at Lagoonies I bumped into an old Dutch dude who runs a 110ft 84-year-old steel cargo sailing schooner. In about a month he's making a voyage to Suriname (beside Guyana, above Brazil, at the top of Sth America). He takes 2-3 crew, and there's a good chance I can go with him. 8 day sail there, about a week in Suriname loading up, then about 6 days sailing back to St Maarten, possibly stopping in Bequi (the Grenadines). Wow, what an experience that would be.

I also met a kiwi dude (from Tokoroa even) who's running a small cruise operation in the lagoon here, so I dropped some not-so-subtle hints about having a guitarist sitting in the corner of the boat singing and working for tips...

Tomorrow (and probably Saturday) I'm gonna go busking in Marigot (town on the French side) with Daniel (Welsh/Aussie dude who has a battery-powered amp we can both run through). He'll do lead fiddly stuff and I'll do rhythm guitar and singing, and we'll have a guitar case open in front of us and just see what sorta money we can make. We're probably gonna do the same at Lagoonies on Friday night.

Saturday night I'm drumming at a Lagoonies party (management changeover - Harm is leaving, Kylie is taking over) so that should be a fun night.

Right now I'm going to check out an apartment in Pelican Keys... US$400/month, which includes water & power, swimming pool, ocean views, air con, fully furnished with TV etc. All I need now is a steady income, and then I reckon I'll stick it out here for a little while. Until I stop having fun any way. Spain/Mallorca is always gonna be there, and the season in the Med doesn't really wind down until October...

I bought a really nice, well-fitting top yesterday in Philipsburg - two bucks. Same thing in Cheapskates or Texas Radio in Hamilton would be about $50 I'd say. Sorted.

Still gotta see Matrix 2, and Bruce Almighty...

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