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  entry created: Tuesday 27 May 2003, 9:15am (NZ time)
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Location:  Ink & Art, St Maarten
Local time:  Monday, 5:15pm

Well the beach party was a bit more low-key than anticipated, but still good fun. Maybe about 30 people this time. The weather was a bit shitty earlier in the day so that put a lotta people off. We finished up at 6am.

Saturday night was another big night. Late dinner with Morten at Cappacino Diner, then we met up with a bunch of people at Bliss. Stayed there till 4am or so, then went back to Rob and Mikey's apartment until 6-ish. (the sun comes up way too early here - you know you've had a big night when you need sunglasses to get home again!).

Yesterday I cleaned JP & Lorna's dinghy ('Baby Mary') then took it for a blat around the lagoon. Ended up going around to Mullet Pond (where I lived with my brother for 2 months in '97 - nothing's changed... meeeemorieeees), tied off there and walked across the golf course to Mullet Beach. Met up with Spencer and Joey and Rob and Mikey and we sat around and talked shite and drunk Presidente and hassled the two topless Hungarian strippers sitting beside us. All in good fun of course! Then last night I had a quiet dinner with Tess, just chilling out watching movies. Today I slept till 12, so I guess I needed it.

It's decision time for me. I need to find work and I need to find my own place to sleep, or I need to find a ride outa here to Europe. I've been thinking about this for a while now, what to do, and a part of me wants to get outa here and see Spain, Mallorca and the south of France etc, but another part of me likes the idea of stopping here in St Maarten for a while and seeing what I can make of it. I've made some great friends and am having heaps of fun, and the island is very familiar to me now and I know how it works and how to get along with the locals etc.

So at 6pm I'm going to check out a fully-furnished 1 bedroom apartment in Orange Grove Estate, Cole Bay. $400/month, which is reasonable. Nothing serious yet - I'm just entertaining the idea. If I did stay, it would only be until next season, at the very most. Maybe even earlier.

But there's a few job prospects that I'm chasing....

There's also a few boat rides to England (found one today - it would be me and one other person, on a 50ft cat) and Spain (54ft cruiser) that I may be able to get on. Oh man, what do I do?!! Decisions decisions...

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