thoughts of a deviant
  entry created: Friday 23 May 2003, 9:47am (NZ time)
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Location:  JP & Lorna's
Local time:  Thursday, 5:47pm
Music:  Laser 101FM

I've been working for JP at the Pizza Galley the last two days, painting the eves (bright yellow) and the new storm boards he's had made up. So I've been covered in lots of yellow paint, in the sticky sun. Uck.

JP & Lorna are great and I really appreciate them helping me out.

Last night we were gonna go check out one of the local political rallies (they really really get into it here!) but it started to rain, so bah! to that. No alcohol sales from 6pm tonight until Saturday morning. Crazy. (New Zealand isn't like that during elections is it?)

Tomorrow's the big party. There might be 4 of us guitarists, going through an amp. I wonder how it's gonna go...

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