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  entry created: Wednesday 21 May 2003, 6:53am (NZ time)
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Location:  JP & Lorna's, Pelican Keys, Sint Maarten
Local time:  Tuesday, 2:52pm
Music:  Island 92FM

So the work's run out, and the boats are all but gone. The marinas look disturbingly empty, and my chances of leaving this island on a boat get slimmer as each day passes. I'm currently back at JP & Lorna's and have just used their computer to create a little poster to stick up on the various marina noticeboards, advertising myself as wanting a ride to the med. I think the only real possibility to get there now is on a small cruiser (ie. 40-50ft or so). That'd be a helluva ride compared to a 200ft floating palace, but a whole lot more of a real sailing experience nonetheless.

I'm also assessing the alternatives I have available to me, but there's not so many. I can either fly out of here, perhaps direct to Paris and then take the bullet train down to Spain and Barcelona, or I can see what permanent work I can find here and maybe make a go of working in St Maarten and finding an apartment until next season. I know a lot of people now which makes it more bearable, but holy hell is it getting hot!! 32 degrees (90 degrees F?) in the shade is bloody stupid, and at night it's no better. And everybody is saying that it's only gonna get hotter and stay that way. But I'm getting used to sweat.

Morten and I are organising our third (now fortnightly) beach party for this Friday night. On Thursday and Friday the whole Dutch side is shut for the local elections (yes, that's right), so everybody's looking for a place to go. They're gonna promote our party at Lady C (Floating Bar), and on Island 92FM if I let them know, but I'm a little wary of things getting out of hand. 45 people last time was plenty - how many there's gonna be this time I have no idea. (Incidentally, last time at the bonfire it was the largest group of people I'd ever played/sung to).

Went to a 13 year old's birthday party on Mullet Beach on Saturday (daughter of a friend), so Morten and I ended up making another bonfire, upon which they cooked ribs and chicken etc. I played soccer with a few Jamaicans and everybody had a good ol' island time.

Sorry no photos lately - it's hard to organise, but I'll try my best to put some up real soon, promise.

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