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  entry created: Thursday 15 May 2003, 10:17am (NZ time)
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... is where I should be right now. But no. Yesterday I went to Maridome and was told by the Captain (who was always so cool but for some reason was really short and unfriendly) that he was "now unauthorised to take me", for whatever reason I don't know. Talk about the 59th minute of the 11th hour.

The shitty thing is that I'd turned down those two other rides, coz I thought I was 100% going on Maridome. It woulda been so cool to go with Todd on Globana, via the Azores, then to Palma. The party boat.

So now I'm back to square one. Looking for a crossing to the Med, looking for work to keep me going here, and looking for a place to sleep (well, I'm back on Morten's floor at the moment, in his new apartment by himself, but I can't really keep staying there forever).

Luckily Ghost Dancer (Bill & Ruby) is back in town, so I've had more work with them today (a bit sunburnt right now from it, ouch), and more tomorrow and maybe Friday. That'll keep me going for a bit, but I've sooo gotta get out there and find a ride.

Morten and I organised a bit of a ho-down on Saturday night, at Mullet Beach. 45 people turned up for a rather large bonfire, with yours-truly singing with the guitar. Apparently the next day it was being talked about on the Marine VHF stations and people are asking when the next will be. All good.

So, shit happens, live and learn, what doesn't kill ya only makes you stronger, harden up, etc etc. All things I've been telling myself lately.

I can deal.

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