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  entry created: Tuesday 6 May 2003, 7:02am (NZ time)
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Location:  JP & Lorna`s
Local time:  Monday, 3pm
Music:  Laser 101 St Maarten (best station I`ve found here, sometimes with trance/house etc)

Dammit, I`ve crashed this Apple Mac three times now. Gimme any computer and I can crash it for you.

Not much to say since yesterday. Watched the Jackass movie on video last night. Bloody hilarious. Saw X-Men 2 on Saturday night - pretty good but the first one was better.

This morning I helped JP at the Pizza Galley, trying to fix the pilot light on the pizza oven. No luck. So we went food shopping. Now I`m back here using their Internet access (again). Lorna just fed me lots of good coffee and apple pie with coconut icecream. Saturday morning I was here also, and had a big slice of chocolate cake for breakfast. Tough life. They regularly provide me with free pizza and I`m very grateful.

It only seems to get hotter here. I barely wear a shirt any more.

Mum & Dad have sold my car. Yay for extra money. Jason is still in the process of selling off the remaining parts of my black car for me - that could be some time yet methinks.

Had chinese at the local restaurant again the other night. They had just been robbed in an armed holdup (two black dudes with masks and pistol), and Morten and I arrived there before the cops did. Couple minutes earlier and we woulda been in the thick of it.

All the boats are now coming back to St Maarten from Antigua race week. I`m gonna go down to the marinas soon to find some daywork. I just need to keep a little cash coming in to tide me over before I leave for Spain in a week.

Well it`s time for me to go do a whole lotta walking again. I`m averaging about 2 hours per day I reckon. It`s actually been really good physio for my foot, and I can now run without a problem (although it`s not long before I`m awash with sweat in this crazy humid heat).

Sorry I can`t reply to everybody`s emails all the time, but please keep emailing me coz I do read them all.

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