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  entry created: Sunday 4 May 2003, 5:09am (NZ time)
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Location:  JP & Lorna`s
Local time:  Saturday, 1:10pm
Music:  cheesy local radio

A lot to say, but not much time at the mo, coz I`m meeting up to go to Mullet Beach for the afternoon...

Had work yesterday on a 175ft stinkpot called `Kisses`. Turned up and they decked me out in the full uniform and everything (which I have subsequently kept). So I made US$100 yesterday, which was well needed. No work today though - the captain apparently really wanted me to go with them to Venice Italy on Monday, but it was a free ride and I don`t wanna go there yet. I think he got a bit peeved at me, but he`s completely lacking in personality and humour so I`m not too concerned about not going with Kisses. Instead I`m definitely 100% leaving for Barcelona Spain either the end of next week or the beginning of the week after, on Maridome. The destination changed from Malta, which is good - much better chance of work in Barcelona, plus it`ll be easier to find a ride to Mallorca. PLUS they`re paying me for the journey, so big yay to that.

Hope you all liked the photos. I`m gonna try and put more up next week before I leave.

I`ve been to a few carnival events lately, including a couple of big parades through the town (including `Jouvert`- starts at about 4am and you`re supposed to go in your pyjamas or whatever you sleep in. The locals all get pretty drunk and dance/sweat behind big trucks blaring local music. We went at 7:30am, but what a sight nonetheless!)

I finished up sleeping on Morten`s floor, coz I didn`t want to overstay my welcome. After staying at JP & Lorna`s, I went and snuck into the Isle de Sol megayacht marina and walked upstairs to the open-air gym (used it a bit before). I rolled out an exercise mat and slept on that (thank God it didn`t rain). I was gonna sleep on the beach, but this was a bit better. All my gear was at Morten`s, so I wasn`t to concerned about theft. I only just managed to miss the security guards too.

Now I`m staying at $15/night `Buddy`s Guest House`(formerly Hotel California). Hopefully I can move onto Maridome next week.

Last night at the Pizza Galley I met Brett`s good friend Todd. He said that he definitely had a spot for me on the 120ft ketch (`Globana`) he`s delivering to Palma (via the Azores), but it would be a free ride, and I`d already said yes to Maridome anyway. But he`s gonna hook me up for work in Palma when I get there, so that`s a bloody handy contact to have.

So between Maridome (to Barcelona), Kisses (to Venice) and Globana (to Mallorca), all of a sudden I have a good choice of rides to Europe, when a few days ago I had none. St Maarten is pretty dry, but when it rains it really pours down huh.

Sheesh, so much for only writing a little. Gotta run...

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