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  entry created: Monday 26 November 2012, 3:08am (NZ time)
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Location:  Genoa, Italy
Local time:  Sunday, 3:10pm

In October Yuliya and I flew to Amsterdam for a few days, whilst I undertook a yachting IT course. It was nice to get away from France for a while, and I've always loved Amsterdam.

And a month ago, we finally found a job together, on a 56m yacht that's now undergoing an interior refit in Genoa, Italy. New owner, cool Captain (a friend of mine), and we share a cabin together (I'm the First Officer, while Yuliya is the 2nd-Stewardess). I'm now trying to learn Italian coz I find it so frustrating not being able to speak the local lingo.

In other news, I recently bought a new car (from the UK, as they're much cheaper than France) and we stopped in Paris on the way back down....

A typical Amsterdam setting.

A dutch superyacht

Hooks on the roofs of Dutch buildings are a common sight. There used to be a tax levied on the width of your building (the street frontage), so to minimise
their taxes, people started erecting tall, skinny houses. The problem was, they couldn't get their furniture up the pokey staircases. Hence the hooks - to haul
their furniture up the outside of the house. (The buildings are often built leaning outwards slightly too, so that the couch doesn't bang the windows on the way up).

The Īle Saint-Honorat Monastery castle, near Cannes.

The monastery, operating since the 15th century, still houses some 30 monks, who manufacture and sell their own wine and honey.

There's some strange types wandering the streets of Paris.

Yes, it IS a little shameful.

Oldschool French transport.



Yuliya just loves Autumn leaves.



An example of the carvings found in the Arc de Triomphe.

Apparently she's popular with French waiters.

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