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  entry created: Wednesday 16 May 2012, 8:24am (NZ time)
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Location:  Antibes, France
Local time:  Tuesday, 10:25pm

China was fun. Even though we were only in Guangzhou (the largest city in southern China) for an 18-hour stopover on our way back to France, we had an exhausting but fun day. We walked, we ate unidentifiable unpronounceable and somtimes inedible street food, we walked more, we took super-crowded subway trains, and we shopped (until I dropped). We'll definitely return one day.

We've been back in France for two months now, looking for a yacht job. We were seeking a couples position aboard the same vessel, but these are next to impossible to find. Eventually Yulya managed to find something before me, and for the last few weeks has been based in cold, rainy Holland (exactly like this time last year). However in a few days her boat will be back in France. And I'll be on my way to Athens, then Istanbul, on my new boat... I'm now First Officer on a 49m Feadship busy charter yacht. It means Yulya and I won't see each other much this season, but we've gotta make money. And after seven months of no work and lots of spending, it's quite important! Anyway, we have Skype, and we'll have plane rides and stolen moments. We'll make it work.

Me and thee, in Guangzhou, China.

The Chinese one-hander.

Chinese al fresco.

Dumplings with pork inside. Not bad, but quite stodgy.

Nothing like a nice soft park bench to grab a few Zs.

The smiling chap selling unknown food items.

Nice ride.

A policeman buys an unidentifiable snack.

Everywhere we went, there was a big selection of weird food to try!

We couldn't work out what these people were doing/selling/promoting.

The sign-writing was often pretty overwhelming!

More food. Lots of bready stuff. Kinda boring.

We went to a section of the city full of buildings rammed with shops selling electronics, all trying to undercut the other.
But to be honest, the prices weren't any better than what I can find on eBay!

Communist Party approved building colour scheme.

Cheap taxis!

More food! Deep fried stuff, sprinkled with seasoning.

It was sooo good. And about 20c a piece.

Yuliya was in cheap-jewellery heaven.

Our home since we arrived in France. The top floor apartment of my Estonian friend.
That balcony was always a great place to chill in the sun and watch life go by below.

The local 'beach' in Antibes.

Local fishing boats.

Billionaire Russian's fishing boat.

Local art.

Playing with Gunnar at the local yachtie pub, the Hop Store.

Yuliya. And a wall.

And a gate.

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