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  entry created: Thursday 27 December 2007, 5:54am (NZ time)
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Location:  Cole Bay, St. Maarten, Dutch West Indies
Local time:  Wednesday, 12:55pm

One week back on the island, and so far things are coming along nicely. We're staying on my friend's 30ft sailboat in the lagoon, which is a huge blessing as it means no rent to pay, plus gives us a one month grace period while we search for a room or apartment. It's a bit tricky getting the music equipment to and from the boat (using the tiny rubber dinghy we borrowed and built), and it's nerve-wracking having all our expensive electronic stuff so close to the water sometimes, but we manage.

I bought a car a few days ago, and it's great to have independence again, not having to rely on the hot, crowded local busses. We have several weekly gigs lined up already, several other places that are interested in us playing there, and a high profile New Year's eve gig paying double. And tomorrow we have a live radio interview and will play a few songs on-air - great promo work for us. Our Dutch Side Song is still very popular on the island, and played several times a day. But it's almost four years old now... time for us to release some new music to the stations. And that's coming sooner rather than later.

So far so good.

My back yard... looking out over Simpson Bay lagoon from the boat.

My brother and I (and his wife Leigh in the background), at Christmas Eve dinner.

Playing at the Christmas Day beach party.

Santa's Little Helpers. The Caribbean version.

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