thoughts of a deviant
  entry created: Saturday 7 July 2007, 3:02am (NZ time)
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Location:  Antibes, France
Local time:  Friday, 5pm

Another disappointment, another setback. What can I do but soldier on? Thought I'd scored the perfect job, but today I got the call. Due to time constraints, logistical issues, delivery of the new boat I was to skipper, etc etc, they're canning the chase boat idea for now. Thus, no need for little old me. Gutted.

So it's back to dayworking on various boats (of which I'm at least able to find fairly regularly at the moment) and back to depending on the agencies to find me something. Very very sick of it all, when I honestly thought it wasn't going to take this long. If I had boobs it would've been easy, coz the stewardesses have no problems finding work.

I don't mean to sound so bitter. I'll be ok again soon, I'm sure.

Oh yeah, I have to find another place to live in a week. Gah!

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