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  entry created: Wednesday 23 April 2003, 5:23am (NZ time)
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Location:  Ink & Art, Sint Maarten
Local time:  Tuesday, 1:22pm

It's been a while since I updated this, but it's pretty much the same here. My work on Constanter runs out today, so as of tomorrow I'm out looking for work again. Still crashing on Morten's floor, but hopefully I've organised another free apartment at Lagoonies, if I can only get hold of the bloody guy again!

I have a 95% confirmed position to Palma again, leaving on about the 30th of this month. Waiting to find out more about that.

Money situation is a little better now, but I still need to find work to keep going.

Been doing far too much partying, but that's what this island is all about. I'm not sure how I'm surviving on 3 hours sleep a night, but c'est la vie. It's kind've important I socialise a lot actually (damn huh) coz it's one of the only ways to meet boat crews. The last two nights I've met the 1st Mates of two different huge (200ft) powerboats, so I'm going to see them both today about work.

Played the drums quite a few times now with the various local bands, so I'm now known here in the music scene which is cool.

Saw the reggae band Third World (supposedly very famous??) on Saturday night, which was interesting. Tonight a whole bunch of us are going to see Shaggy (they call me mister boombastic) and Sean Paul. Carnival has started here, so there's lots to see at the moment.

Went shopping the other day - bought some new togs for $6 and two tanktops for $2 each. Damn, clothes are cheap here!

Gotta go, lunch break over.

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