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  entry created: Thursday 17 April 2003, 12:02am (NZ time)
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Location:  Ink & Art
Local time:  Wednesday, 1pm

Gutted. I just lost my deckhand position on the Atlantic crossing to Palma. The new engineer is bringing his wife or something on board, forcing a re-shuffle of the crew (one other guy lost his job too), and somehow I fell out the end. So now I am back to square one, with no place to stay even. Just dandy.

So the adventure continues. I know of a few boats about to do the Atlantic crossing (including a big Perini with a position going, but it's unpaid, but maybe I still go for that, coz I know there'll be work in Palma once I get there). A few leads to chase up, but something firm would be nice.

I'm currently crashing on Morten's floor. Really really need to find my own space.

Think I'll take a day off work tomorrow to catch up on stuff I have to do, like my travel insurance, find another boat etc. I need a break anyway!

Yesterday's sail to St Bartholemew (St Barts) was good, but a big day. But hey, I can handle getting paid US$10 an hour to sail to a French island and back for the day. (got rather toasted in the sun though)

We've taken Constanter to the dock today to haul her up onto the hard for a wet sand. God, that's gonna be fun (not). Thankfully she's coming up tomorrow, and I ain't working! Hee hee. Although, Friday and Saturday I'll be there, sweating in the sun sanding the bloody hull... guess I can work on the tan huh. Woo.

Okay, lunch break almost over. Gotta go.

(PS. dammit it's hot)

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