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  entry created: Wednesday 9 June 2004, 12:03am (NZ time)
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Location:  Utrecht, Holland
Local time:  Tuesday, 2pm

Okay, my bad. I think I screwed up. Seems that the cheapest air ticket (no trains available) from Prague to Estonia is 429 euros. Ouch, that's a little rich for my blood right now. I know for certain that I can get a full refund on the train ticket to Berlin/Prague that I've already booked, so that's okay...

So my plans, they are a-changing. I can fly direct from Amsterdam to Estonia for 165 euros, or from London to Estonia for the same price. And getting to London (I have a friend there) on the train costs 50 euros. So, on Thursday I'm going to London instead, to see Hayley - a very good friend from university and lead singer of my old band. Why the hell not?!

Jolly good ol' chap, eh what?!

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