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  entry created: Wednesday 2 June 2004, 10:38pm (NZ time)
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Location:  Utrecht, Holland
Local time:  Wednesday, 12:26pm
Music:  DJ Tiesto

My cousin makes music videos. He just completed a new one called "Fool's Love" by the Misfits of Science. I watched it online (here), and damn, it rocks. Apparently these guys were a pretty-much unknown local hip-hop act - their video just exploded on TV and now they have 20 gigs booked for next month alone, plus a record deal. Nice one Mark, keep it up.

So I've been looking at flights to various countries here in Europe, from Amsterdam airport. I could go to London for 10 euros, Copenhagen for 20, Milan for 30. The airport taxes are probably gonna be the same price as the flight itself! Damn, it's so tempting to just go and book a trip to Italy or Greece or something. And really, what's stopping me? Maybe this is something I'll do after checking out north Europe (which will be pretty soon, methinks).

Of course, my one limiting factor is finances. I'm pretty damn sure that going to London or Milan for the week won't be all that cheap as far as accommodation is concerned, but maybe I can suss out some hostels online. Plus, I do have some savings available after all of the music work in the Caribbean. Why not put it to some good use and check out what this continent has to offer?

Hmm, think I might start emailing friends abroad....

Here's a photo I took outside the apartment back in Sint Maarten just before I left. I'd heard some 'mewing'
while washing the dishes, and went to investigate. This is what I found below the kitchen window. Cute huh?

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