thoughts of a deviant
  entry created: Wednesday 14 April 2004, 3:11am (NZ time)
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Location:  Ink n Art, Simpson Bay, Sint Maarten
Local time:  Tuesday, 11:10am

Well, life is trundling along here as normal. Lots of music, sun, sand... you know how it is. Real tough. We have a lunchtime gig at a nice restaurant in town in an hour, so can't stay here long. We're still in the process of trying to line up a gig in Curacao - hopefully that happens.

I managed to create a web site for us. Check it out at Might give you a better idea of what I/we do.

I've pretty much had enough of this little rock in paradise. We're seriously contemplating taking the music to Europe next month, and Prague is currently at the top of the list... heard it's a beautiful place and we'd apparently do well with the music. Then I might stay on in Europe, go back to Holland etc, while Les goes to the States to tie up some loose ends and then will probably end up back here in Sint Maarten, at least until we line up something more lucrative or get some studio time or something.

Time will tell...

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