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  entry created: Wednesday 7 January 2004, 7:58am (NZ time)
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Location:  Mirella's
Local time:  Tuesday, 2:55pm

For the last month I've been relying on painkillers to get me through the day (not much, just a 200mg Advil every 6-8 hours or so). I was having constant toothache and it just didn't wanna go away. So a couple days ago I finally relented and headed to the dentist.

This Dutch dentist had arrived in St Maarten in March, direct from Libya, where he was, of all people, Colonel Gaddafi's personal dentist. Weird. Anyhow, apparently a white filling of mine was leeching a little, and aggravating a nerve ending. Two options: a root canal and then a crown, grand total about US$900, or have the damn thing pulled, total: 50 bucks. Guess which one I chose. So, there goes my 2nd-to-last wisdom tooth (top left). No more pain now, and now more damn painkillers.

The music is still going well. We're about to start another regular spot, at the Peg Leg Pub in Cole Bay, on Saturday nights. 'Orange Grove' (apparently a well-known band from Holland) is playing at the Reggae Cafe tonight, and we've been asked to go jam with them. Reggae wants us on a regular basis, but we're just not yet sure when we can fit them in! We have a few people interested in sponsoring us, and we may have scored ourselves a band vehicle. Stay tuned.

New Years Eve came and went without much fanfare. I worked all that day and was pretty shagged. We all headed to a private party beforehand, then went down to Maho beach to watch the midnight fireworks (champagne in hand), then back to the party. I was in bed by 3am I think.

Have some great photos on my camera that I wanna put up online, but haven't been able to get to a PC with USB support as yet. Will keep trying! Nor have I had the opportunity to see Lord of the Rings 3 yet. I feel so unpatriotic!

It's my day off today. Yay! So I'm gonna go chill. Take it easy guys.

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