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  entry created: Friday 29 August 2003, 10:45am (NZ time)
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Location:  JP& Lorna's
Local time:  Thursday, 6:44pm
Music:  Island 92FM

I just had to laugh. Kind've manically, but laugh nonetheless.

So on Saturday I locked my keys out of the apartment, and had to get the landlord to get me back in, via the upstairs apartment (which meant unscrewing the benchtop - don't ask). We finally got into my apartment, then I had to go out. In my car, and it won't start - no gas. So I had to walk to the Shell station and back carrying some bloody petrol. Argh. Then, completely buggered at this point, I wanted to cook a quick dinner before going out to see the League of Extraordinary Gentleman movie (good, by the way)... and the cooking gas ran out, so it was microwaved 2-min noodles for dinner. Neat. Then the next day, after spending 30 mins in the morning vacuuming Big Red (I was readying it to sell, coz I wanna get something else, more legal) I was just minding my own business driving down the main road (already-printed about-to-go-up-on-the-window For Sale signs sitting in the back seat, me on my way home to clean and polish the whole thing) when a truck stopped in front of me in a big hurry and I merrily drove into the back of it. This was when I started to laugh. The front of Red is now crunched up, and she looks a sorry site. Paid the two (non-English-speaking) Spanish guys a hundred bucks to make the problem go away and to not call any authorities (there was really minimal damage to their truck anyway) and limped home, steam pouring out of the engine. *sigh*

So now my landlord, who also owns a garage down the road, is organising to sell the wreck to a friend. Not sure how much I'll get, but anything's good I guess. I'm back to walking, bussing, bumming rides and saving my money for another one when I can afford it. Live and learn. Well, that's the theory anyway.

Tropical storm 'Fabian' is set to become a hurricane (sustained winds of 74mph or more) in the next few days, so the Caribbean might end up being hit with that early next week. I guess I'll be watching the Weather Channel.

JP boarded up the Pizza Galley this morning. Hurricane proof. Again, theory only. They're shut for two months. He leaves for Canada and NZ on Saturday to spend some time with their daughter Leigh and my brother Brett. No more Internet access from this place for me so I'm back to paying (through the nose) for it. We're just about to go out and grab some food actually...

See yers.

Oh, and Mum? Don't worry about me, okay? Seriously.     ;o)

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