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  entry created: Friday 6 June 2003, 10:02am (NZ time)
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Location:  Axum Internet Cafe, Front St, Philipsburg, St Maarten
Local time:  Thursday, 6:02pm
Music:  Weird international stuff

So I've been offered a crewing job at 12 Meters (racing America's Cup boats for/with the tourists). They'll train me up and when they think I'm ready, I start getting paid. US$40/day plus tips, which ain't so grand, but it's good experience and a good way to learn to sail professionally, and use some very nice boats at the same time that some people would give an arm and a leg to sail on, but the money is poo and maybe I should be leaving this rock. Also, it means I have to eventually (ie. in a couple months) get legal here, which is gonna cost me US$450 (although, 12 Meters said they'd pay and I can slowly pay them back). I guess taking this job would also mean forfeiting the Suriname trip later in the month. *sigh* gotta do what ya gotta do huh?

But then, yesterday I spoke to somebody who's friend just got back from the Med, and they said that there's too many people and not many boats and few jobs over there, and it's still not really happening coz of post-911 bullshit. I'm not sure how much steed I put in that, but it made me think. I mean, I'm having fun here right now and perhaps I should just stick around and get some sailing under my belt and see what happens and maybe go to Europe a little later?

The music thing may start happening for me too. Next Friday I have a gig with Daniel at Hot Tomatoes bar/restaurant - they seemed to like us last time during our audition-gig (my first time playing/singing to a crowd, and also my first time using a mic). They're opening a new section of the bar, and one of the big radio stations is gonna be there, so it's gonna be good exposure as well. If we can get some permanent slots set up like this, it would be great experience for me.

But staying means I have to find my own place, and then find a mode of transport. There's so many factors to consider and it's all driving me nuts really. I sleep on a different person's floor each night, and I can't take much more of it, although I'm really stoked that there's such good people around to offer me a place to sleep.

I'm spending tonight at the local St Maarten TV station (SXM-TV6) of all places. Riki is working there by herself doing the programming until 10-ish so I'm just gonna hang there until she finishes. Might take my guitar.

The inaugural Beach party at Mullet Beach on Saturday. Matrix 2 was great, but the ending sucked. Bruce Almighty was pretty funny. Want to check the Italian Job now.

My Visa card arrives in a week, thank God.

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