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  entry created: Thursday 25 August 2011, 8:22pm (NZ time)
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Location:  Anchored in the Cote d'Azur
Local time:  Thursday, 10:20am

We're in the middle of the season. And each day is merging into the last. Which is to be expected.

Other than one private solo gig in Cannes recently, I haven't played much music lately (my guitar spends all its time stored in the bilge under the crew mess). So I'll be looking for a regular spot once again soon, when our season winds down in September.

My life has recently only been about yachting and not much else, so, apologies for all the yachting photos...

A neighbouring superyacht and its inflatable waterslide, which can cost up to 20k (and be a right pain in the ass for the deckies)

Motoryacht 'A'. 118m, 37 crew, and at the moment, 3 guests. Love it or hate it. I love it.

Front-row seats at one of the regular fireworks displays in Cannes - taken whilst having a few beers on the sundeck of our boat.

Myself and a few crew members have been frequenting a cable wakeboarding park recently.
Instead of being towed by a boat, you're towed at 30kph by a cable running around some pylons atop a small lake. Sweet.

The one hander, in international waters, somewhere between Holland and Gibraltar.

We take all the brand new equipment from the boat, and make a day of it.
"All the gear and no idea".

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